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Stenographic court reporters are the gold standard for capturing the record; don’t let your record be jeopardized without one. Look for RPR (225 wpm), RMR (260 wpm), and CRR (certified realtime). Notices you create in proceedings should all say: “taken before a stenographic reporter.”


Phipps Reporting’s executive team members have reached the pinnacles of their stenographic careers and know how to cultivate stenographers to be their very best. Our stenographers go through a stringent vetting process so that their skills match each job assignment.

We monitor transcript delivery times, so reporters with the lowest page counts get the next job assignment, ensuring on-time delivery to our clients.

Every transcript goes through our quality control department, which is managed by a former stenographic instructor and software trainer. Each new reporter’s transcripts are fully reviewed until they are placed on our approved list. All other transcripts are spot-checked.

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Phipps Reporting provides transcription services for audio and video recordings. Stenographers are in a unique position to certify these transcriptions for legal proceedings. This includes 911 recordings, phone messages, DCA hearings, bankruptcy proceedings, call centers, and more.

Videos must be captioned, as required by the ADA and other laws to ensure equal access.

Realtime captioning, or CART, Allows people who are deaf or hard of hearing to fully communicate in classrooms, courtrooms, healthcare administration, and more.


Phipps Reporting stenographers can deliver final transcripts in as little as one hour. A true game changer, this service is most often used in high-stakes trials. Cross a witness in the afternoon or let your team work during normal business hours instead of overnight.

Transcripts are delivered in appeal-ready format. They are updated weekly with an indexed singular digital trial file for the entire proceedings. Arguments that occurred on page 782 during the trial will be the same during appeal, a true cost-savings when you consider the hours spent to reinvent the wheel after trial.

NOTE: Instant/daily and expedited delivery services must be arranged in advance.


Monitor your deposition while it’s underway and annotate the text as you go. Phipps Reporting provides comprehensive realtime services. This includes local connections in the same room or streaming remotely. We have expertise in every realtime browser available, and we provide technical support and coaching to help you fully incorporate this technology into the way you litigate.

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Phipps Reporting provides complimentary iPads for you and your team.

NOTE: Realtime services must be arranged in advance and may involve shipping equipment.

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