End Cord Terror!


Christine Phipps, writing for The JCR, discusses solutions for dealing with tangled wires and cords associated with electronic devices.

Originally printed in The JCR, the full text is copied below. Read the original article here.

“Where is my cord?”
“Which one is which?”
If you have ever asked yourself these questions, then Recoil Winders is your must-have product!

Recoil Winders end the age-old problem of tangled, lost, and unidentifiable cords and cables once and for all. This cord organizer can finally solve cord clutter. Recoil Winders makes it easy to find, store, and organize all of the cords you carry. No more searching for the right charging cord or forgetting which cord belongs to which device; just label the face of the Recoil Winder with the name of the device for matching purposes. In addition, Recoil Winders prevent cords from getting tangled, bent, or torn from lack of a proper storage solution. This easy-to-use cord management tool makes earbuds or any other cord retractable.

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