Journey to Strength

NCRA President Christine Phipps, RPR, is no stranger to commitment and discipline. As a freelance court reporter turned owner of her own court reporting firm, Christine has spent years working in the physically and mentally demanding environment of court reporting.

Over the years, Christine’s long hours in the court reporter’s chair, hauling her gear in and out the courthouse, and unhealthy eating habits while on the job began to take a toll on her body. She knew it was time to make a significant change and to achieve this, she set her sights on the weight room.

Combining a strict nutrition and weight training plan, the results served as a catalyst for embarking on her journey to wellness and strength. After her focus shifted to her own strength, she wanted to channel that drive and success and focus on a new goal: competing in a bodybuilding competition.

Just like her success as a court reporter, competing at this level required years of training and dedication. Juggling her career, workouts, and diet help keep her in shape both physically and mentally. Changing gears from spectator to a competitor, Christine is not shy about what fuels her drive to stay strong and to compete.

“I refuse to let the fact that I am now over 50 put me in some ‘over the hill’ box,” she said. “This is my way of stepping into the ring with Father Time because I am not going down without a fight – it’s not happening.”

Today, as she counts down the days to her first competition,  Phipps wants to remind those who are also at a crossroads that she is not that unique. Her journey is the same one that many people take when they fully step into their own power and leadership. While her journey might not look the same as her neighbors, everyone’s journey has the same common core elements: commitment, risk, and a lot of hard work.