The Power of Phipps Reporting

While it may not be difficult to find a court reporter in Boca Raton, FL, not all services are created equally. Far too often, stenographers and court reporters tend to stick to the status quo. Unfortunately, that limits you and your legal practice, and may not be giving you the best results – results we believe you deserve!

At Phipps Reporting, we are proud to utilize experienced stenographers that go through a thorough vetting process, and have years of expertise in different areas, so we can match you up with a reporter that will fit your needs.

We also stay up-to-date with the latest technology in court reporting in order to keep the work as streamlined as possible. We understand you’re on a strict schedule and may even face regular deadlines, so we make it a mission not to keep our clients waiting on anything.

What to Expect from Stenographic Reporting

According to the National Court Reporters Association, a qualified stenographer should possess the following skills:

  • Literacy: 180 WPM
  • Jury Charge: 200 WPM
  • Testimony, Q&A: 225 WPM
  • 97% accuracy

At Phipps Reporting, our stenographers are the gold standard, and can ensure that your record is accurate while giving you your transcripts in a timely manner (usually within an hour!). 

Our stenographic reporting services are not only accurate but fast. We monitor transcript delivery times and will assign reporters to you with the lowest page counts, so you can expect on-time delivery, every time. But, we never sacrifice quality when it comes to speediness. Each transcript will go through our quality control department and be fully reviewed before it is approved and handed over to you. 

Transcription and Captioning Services

In addition to court reporting, we also offer transcription and captioning services for both audio and video. If you have a piece of audio or a video that can be hard to decipher or you want to include a transcript as an exhibit, accuracy is key. 

Our stenographers can certify these pieces of media by creating accurate transcripts. That includes 911 calls, phone messages, call centers, bankruptcy proceedings, and more. 


Additional Court Reporting Services in Boca Raton, FL

In addition to reporting and transcribing, our team at Phipps Reporting offers a variety of services that can streamline your cases and make them more organized, so you never have to search for the documents you might need at a moment’s notice. Some additional services we’re proud to provide include: 

  • Video
  • Real time text annotation
  • Courier services
  • Translation and interpretation
  • Case document management

When we work with our clients, we consider ourselves to be an extension of your team, and we hope you will consider us in the same way. Let us walk with you on the next step of your journey when it comes to court reporting. If you’ve been stuck in the past with other court reporting services for too long, it’s time to take advantage of the present and the future, and receive the services you deserve in Boca Raton. 

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