The Power of Phipps Reporting

The most basic job description of a court reporter or stenographer is someone who captures live testimony in court proceedings. Chances are, you’ve worked with a variety of court reporters before, and maybe some have been more satisfactory than others. If you’ve ever been interested in learning more about what a stenographer actually does in the courtroom, feel free to view the video below:

But, the face of court reporting is changing. It’s no longer enough to simply provide stenography services and nothing else. So, if you’re looking for a Tallahassee, FL court reporter, it’s important to look for a variety of quality services in one location that can make each of your cases easier, more efficient, and more organized than ever.

At Phipps reporting, we provide ourselves on multiple services from video to case document management, so you’ll no longer have to outsource different tasks and run the risk of becoming unorganized.

A Dedication to Accuracy

It’s no secret that a court reporter needs to be accurate in everything they do. That’s why, at Phipps Reporting, all of our freelance stenographers go through a stringent vetting process. Not only do our stenographers monitor delivery times but each transcript goes through our quality control department. There, they are fully reviewed until completely accurate and without flaw before being returned.

Because of the skill levels of our stenographers, final transcripts can be delivered within an hour, so you don’t have to slow down on your case. That can help your entire team to stay on track without having to work overtime.

Realtime Services

If you need your texts even faster, we offer real time services that annotate the text as it’s happening. This can be used both in the same room in Tallahassee or through a remote streaming service.

We can provide you with the technical support needed to guide you through these real time services, as we have experience working with every type of web browser and know how to truly bring this technology to life to work for you and the way you litigate. We will even provide complimentary iPads to you and your team. Just let us know ahead of time if you would like our real time services, so we can make the proper arrangements.

Not only does our team have a dedication to quality when it comes to your litigation, we have a dedication to Tallahassee and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on being a local company, and love using our knowledge of the area to work with attorneys and legal practices that have just as much dedication and passion for this city.

If you’ve been using the same stenography services for years and you’re ready to take a dive into what the future of court reporting should be, feel free to contact Phipps Reporting for more information.

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