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Phipps Reporting has worked with legal service providers across Fort Lauderdale, FL for over 30 years and counting. We’ve worked with countless smaller businesses over the years, but also many Fortune 500 companies in high-profile cases. Our network includes over 2,000 court reporters and affiliate firms across the nation, giving us a wide reach that extends to virtually every state.

Whether you’re working on a small case or a high-profile trial in multiple languages, we’re confident that we can offer you a comprehensive selection of professional services to make your job easier. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our wide selection of services.

Our services

  • Court reporting – Our executive team at Phipps Reporting consists of experienced stenographers that have reached the pinnacle of their freelance careers. They know how to produce the world’s finest stenographers that eventually become a part of our team after a rigorous vetting process to assess their skills.
  • Interpreting and translating – We also provide translation and interpretation services for cases that are in multiple languages. Phipps Reporting has ample experience in translating documents and conversations alike.
  • Online office – We provide our clients with secure access to a calendar of settings via our cloud-based service and mobile apps on both Android and Apple devices. This makes it easy for you to access full transcripts, index repository and other information related to your case no matter where you are.
  • Document management – We have experienced case management specialists on our team that understand how important it is to stay organized during a legal case. Our court reporting specialists in Fort Lauderdale, FL will work closely with you to ensure that you have easy access to the documents as you need them.
  • Video services – Our teams at Phipps Reporting also have experienced videography specialists. This allows us to shoot high-definition video, synchronize transcripts to video and also provide video streaming services. We also provide a range of post-production services such as recreating accident scenes, producing day-in-the-life videos and also creating video settlement brochures.
  • Web and video conferencing – Web conferencing, or cloud depositions, is the latest method of remote attendance. Phipps Reporting has led the industry with this technology since 2010 and continues to pioneer it as one of the most effective ways to handle remote conferences.
  • Process service – We’ve been a one-stop source for litigation needs across Fort Lauderdale, FL for over three decades. Whether you’re in need of trial presentation, interpretation, translation, court reporting or document digitization, we’re here to help you.
  • Courier services – We also work closely with local couriers in Fort Lauderdale, FL to provide prompt same-day delivery of documents, papers and other related items.

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Our team at Phipps Reporting is confident that our proven track record and comprehensive selection of services can make your job easier. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services.

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