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Phipps Reporting has been providing professional court reporting services in Orlando, FL for over 30 years. Our experience includes working with Fortune 500 companies in high-profile trials, but also smaller cases in partnership with local attorney offices. Our extensive network includes over 2,000 court reporters and 500 affiliate firms across the country, giving us nationwide coverage and a strong presence in every state.

Regardless if you’re working a complex case in multiple languages or a small local dispute in Orlando, FL, our team at Phipps Reporting is well-equipped to handle any court reporting task that you may have. We also provide a comprehensive selection of additional services to make your job easier.

Our services

  • Court reporting – Our executive team is made up of experienced stenographers that have reached the pinnacle of their freelance careers. They understand how to produce the best stenographers in the industry and our reporters at Phipps Reporting go through a stringent vetting process to assess their skills before becoming a part of our team.
  • Interpreting and translating – Phipps Reporting can assist clients in translating and interpreting between different languages. We can also provide this service for translating legal documentation when needed.
  • Online office – We offer all of our clients secure access to a calendar of settings via our cloud-based service on the web or mobile apps for Apple and Android devices. This provides a full transcript and index repository with access to information such as invoices that can be searched through.
  • Document management – Phipps Reporting works with premier case management specialists that understand the importance of managing documents and media every step of the way.
  • Video services – Phipps Reporting offers a comprehensive selection of videography services. We shoot video in high-definition formats and specialize in litigation technology services, such as synchronizing to transcripts and remote video streaming. We also offer a range of post-production services such as re-creating accident scenes and site inspections.
  • Web and video conferencing – Web conferencing is becoming increasingly important since it provides remote attendance opportunities. Phipps Reporting has led the industry with this technology since 2010, giving us the most experience and expertise in web and video conferencing systems.
  • Process service – Phipps Reporting provides Orlando, FL with a one-stop source for all of your litigation needs. This includes document retrieval, document digitization, court reporting and translation services.
  • Courier services – We also work with local couriers in Orlando, FL to provide prompt same-day delivery of documents, papers and other related items.

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Phipps Reporting places a heavy emphasis on enhancing the customer experience and seeking opportunities to innovate and improve the services that we offer at all times. If you’re looking for an experienced and reliable court reporter in Orlando, FL with a proven track record and a comprehensive selection of services, get in touch with us today.

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