Meet Stephanie Rue

It’s easy to SAY you have a people-first culture, but at Phipps Reporting, we DO! And today we’re sharing part of our secret sauce in making it happen: Human Resources Director, Stephanie Rue. We had a few questions for Stephanie, and as usual, she has answers! 

Q: Have you always worked in legal? 

A: No, my background is in hospitality – 17 years to be exact. My role was in operations and general management with a focus on building strong teams. Success was aligned with employee engagement, exemplary guest satisfaction and financials. And in that order – the people always came first.  

Q: How did you come to Phipps Reporting? 

A: I was at a crossroads in my life and ready for a new journey. After a bit of introspection, it was clear to me that my work with teams and with employees was the constant – that was my North Star. So, when Phipps Reporting was looking to bring their HR function in-house, I knew it was a perfect fit.  

Q: What’s your favorite part about your job? 

A: The entire process of working with people and teams: the ups and downs, the conundrums, the engagement – that’s what “makes me tick.” And at Phipps, because it was a new department, I was given the reigns to develop and grow it from the ground up. I was entrusted to create a meaningful environment for our most important asset – the employee. 

Q: What are your thoughts on the state of recruitment today? 

A: It’s fair to say that the job market is competitive right now. Phipps Reporting is very fortunate to have focused on staffing up in 2020. During the pandemic when other companies were laying employees off, we recruited tenured, top industry talent. 

We know and respect that people are people – not just a name on a report, or a dollar figure on a labor analysis. Employees have lives, situations, needs, and goals. We encourage growth and acknowledge that each employee has a unique circumstance. To keep GREAT people there is a need for flexibility and compassion, for understanding and encouragement. We’ve found that balance and the rest takes care of itself.