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Siefart v. Banner Supply

Local Coverage Of Chinese Drywall Seifart Case WSVN


Drywall manufactured in China allegedly emitted toxic, corrosive, bad-smelling hydrogen sulfide gas that could damage appliances, and sicken homeowners.

Armin and Lisa Seifart’s drywall was purchased at Banner Supply. Banner, in turn, got the drywall from Knauf in China. Chinese drywall was used to meet the increased demand for construction supplies after Hurricane Katrina. According to the plaintiff, Banner knew that it had supplied defective drywall to builders, but failed to disclose the problems.


Local Coverage Of Chinese Drywall Seifart Case NBC Miami

Ervin Gonzalez’s Closing Arguments In Siefart v. Banner Supply

Piendle v. R.J. Reynolds


Charles Piendle died of lung cancer at age 55, after 30 years of smoking. His widow Margaret established at trial that Charlie was addicted to smoking, and that his addiction caused his death from lung cancer, and thus she was entitled to recover damages as a class member in the Engle litigation.

The jury apportioned 45% fault to Mr. Piendle, and 27.5% each to R.J. Reynolds and Philip Morris. The jury awarded $4M in compensatory damages, and $270K in punitive damages.


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T Sandefur in N Broin V. Philip Morris Companies, Inc., Etal.

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Norma R. Broin, Et Al., Plaintiffs. V. Philip Morris Companies, Inc., Et Al., Defendants. Deposition of Dr. Alexander Spears, III

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