Phipps Reporting Welcomes Clients of Tropical Reporting

West Palm Beach, FL, October 27, 2021 – We are honored to share that Lorrie Dale, owner of Tropical Reporting, has joined the Phipps Reporting team. It is our privilege to work with Lorrie on this transition and to ensure that her loyal clients receive excellent and personalized service.

“I’ve been in business 42 years – many of my clients are long term. It is important to me that their important work is handled by a firm that utilizes experienced stenographers. I need to know that if they have questions or need more services for complex case work, they will be in good hands. I have that peace of mind with Phipps Reporting,” said Tropical Reporting owner, Lorrie Dale.

As a firm that is court reporter owned and operated, the principles of Phipps Reporting understand how difficult it can be for solo-operated firms to compete in today’s market. “People before profits has been our guiding philosophy since day one. And we are committed to being a resource partner to our fellow independent firm owners,” said Phipps Reporting President and CEO Christine Phipps. “We have grown over the years and built out our technology capabilities and invested in bringing top industry talent to our team. But at heart we are still a small business.”