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There are a few things you need to know when scheduling realtime and definitions of terms.

  • REALTIME: Realtime is receiving a live feed of the proceedings whether you are in the same location as the reporter or remote.
  • STREAMING: This is receiving realtime over the Internet at a remote location such as your trial team room, at your office, or in another state or country. This is an excellent cost-saving measure for your client. Instead of flying your expert in, you can stream the realtime testimony to the expert. All you need to do is provide us the e-mail addresses of anyone wishing to receive the realtime stream.
  • VIDEO STREAMING: A realtime browser is what you need to either have installed on a computer, a link to utilize in a Web browser, or an app on an iPad, iProduct or an Android in order to view the proceedings that the court reporter is taking down. Think of a browser in the same sense as you view the Internet through a browser; i.e., Internet Explorer or Firefox. There are browsers that are put out by court reporting software companies which are called Bridge Mobile or iCVN, to name the two main ones [See Product Video Demos Below]. Now, while there are browsers put out by litigation support companies for attorneys and their firms, such as Summation and LiveNote, the best realtime product you can receive is viewing through a browser which is put out by the software of the reporter you are utilizing. The reason why is as a reporter takes down testimony, they try to edit during pauses or breaks and make dictionary entries for the names that are not translating properly, a multitude of things. When these changes are made, if you’re on a compatible browser, it will refresh on your screen. This is a term we call autorefresh but you may like to think of it as live updating.
  • INFORMATION: This is ESSENTIAL to getting a good realtime feed. Please provide case-specific word lists or phrases to the assigned reporter in advance of the proceeding. This will help ensure that the reporter knows your case almost as well as you do. Dr. Robaluzy may be a well-known expert in the case, but the reporter’s database will translate as ROBE/LOOSY without your helping the realtime reporter build their dictionary.

Here are some suggestions of items to send:

  • Complaint
  • Answers to Interrogatories
  • C.V. if an expert witness is being taken
  • Report, if it’s a witness that produces one
  • Motion and corresponding case law, and response if hearing or trial
  • Deposition taken previously in the case
  • Witness lists if it’s a trial
  • Keep in mind that when utilizing realtime, this is the disclaimer/title page:


The purchaser of this realtime or RUFF (Realtime Unedited File Format) draft text acknowledges that this transcript is not an official record of the proceedings;that this text is unedited and uncertified, and therefore may contain computer-generated untranslations and mistranslations of stenotype strokes, as well as nonsensical word combinations, which cannot be deciphered by non-stenotypists; it may contain notes written to the reporter and misspellings and other discrepancies.

The purchaser also understands that the above discrepancies in the text will be corrected when the text has been proofread, finalized, and certified to as the official record.

The purchaser therefore agrees that the realtime and RUFF draft text shall be used only to supplement the lawyer’s notes and that the lawyer, the lawyer’s staff, agents, or employees:

  • Will only use it in conjunction with trial preparation (which includes trial preparation with the lawyer’s clients and experts);
  • Will not distribute, read, share, nor disclose text in any form to any other party, the press, or to anyone who is not connected to this case;
  • Will not file the text with the court for any purpose; such as, use on appeal or in conjunction with any motion or pleading filed with the court;
  • Will not cite nor read verbatim from the text to the court;
  • Will purchase a certified copy of the transcript when it is necessary to cite or read or file a transcript in court or with the clerk;
  • Will not use the text to rebut, contradict, or disagree with the official certified transcript of the proceeding produced at a later time.
Signature of Purchaser




Reporters who provide realtime services often refer to the practice as “writing naked” because the record is immediately appearing on the monitors for all to see, without the opportunity for correction. Receiving a quality realtime feed requires the attorneys, the reporter, and other participants to work together for better results. Here are a few tips for receiving the best realtime service:

  • Arrive early to allow ample time for connection to the realtime hardware and software
  • Keep in mind that any untranslated or mistranslated text will be corrected in your certified transcript
  • Once the deposition has started, be mindful of creating an accurate record. Speak loudly and clearly, one at a time, and at a reasonable pace. Reporters are certified to take down the record at speeds to 180+ words a minute, which translates to three or more words per second, but at greater speeds, the readability of the realtime may suffer.

Watch this video as a short and quick overview of how to get the most from any realtime feed you receive:

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