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It has been said that trial lawyering is 50% knowledge of the law and 50% showmanship. How you present your key evidence is essential to the overall picture. Phipps Reporting is one of the premier certified legal videographer companies with decades of industry experience.

Our certified legal video specialist is expert at video recording equipment, lighting, sound, video editing, and voice-overs to ensure your video deposition meets all relevant standards and codes of ethics and is worthy of the Phipps Legal Videographer Services name and of your business.

Using cutting-edge technology, your Phipps courtroom videographer or forensic videographer will deliver the kind of service you should expect as well as legal video synchronization where needed.

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Using certain file formats, Phipps Legal Videographer Services can turn around legal video depositions with pip by the end of the deposition. If you require this quick turnaround service, please let our video department know at the time of booking to arrange on-scene editing.

Phipps Legal Videographer Services can also provide draft video with no legal videographer present. This is similar to draft transcripts. Draft video documents are less important witnesses but used for reference. They cannot be used in trial or as evidence.

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