Miami Deposition Interpreters

A deposition is the taking of an oral statement of a witness under oath, before trial. It has two purposes: To find out what the witness knows and to preserve that witness’ testimony. The intent is to allow all parties to learn all of the facts before the trial so that no one is surprised at trial.

The Miami area has a diverse population using many different languages, requiring skilled interpreting or translating. Interpreting is spoken and involves translating what someone says from one language into another. Translating is written and changes documents from one language into another.

Phipps Miami Deposition Interpreters offers Consecutive Interpretation and Simultaneous Interpretation for many languages and dialects to provide full-service Miami deposition interpreting service.

Why Phipps for Depositions In Miami?

Most languages have many different dialects. When looking for a Miami deposition interpreting service, it is important that you know the person’s native country so that you are scheduled with the appropriate interpreter. Phipps Deposition Service has the skilled, trained interpreters to cover all of your deposition interpreting requirements.

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