Miami Mediation Interpreters

Miami is a city with a very diverse population. There are many languages spoken and many times during mediation in the Miami area an interpreter service is needed.

Interpreting translates what a person says from one language into another. Different types of interpreting include:

Consecutive Interpretation: A person speaks in one language and, after the person finishes, the interpreter translates the meaning into a different language. This method is mainly used in legal procedures such as depositions, witness interrogations, speeches, and more.

Simultaneous Interpretation: A person speaks in one language and the interpreter simultaneously translates the meaning into a different language.
A key factor in any mediation is that the mediator and all parties understand and can communicate clearly, effectively, and effortlessly to each other, and there is a thorough understanding by all parties of the details of any agreement.

Phipps Miami Mediation Interpreters have the ability and skills to ensure that all parties have a full understanding of the details of what is happening during the mediation process. Phipps Miami Mediation Interpreting Service has staff members available in a variety of languages and dialects to cover most situations.

Why Hire Phipps for your Miami Mediation Interpreters Needs

Phipps has the extensive staff and team members to provide the cross-language skills that mediation requires in the diverse community of Miami. Come to Phipps Reporting Service for all your Mediation Interpreter Service needs.

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