Milwaukee Court Reporters

Purpose of a Court Reporter

A court reporter keeps an exact, detailed record of what is spoken by all parties during a court trial or mediation procedure. Court reporters typically attend depositions, hearings, proceedings, and other events that require written transcripts. They capture spoken interactions with equipment that can include stenography machines, audio & video recording devices, and microphones.

Court Reporter Qualifications

  • Punctuality and accountability are key
  • Maintain confidentiality when working on all cases especially high profile ones
  • Organizational skills are very important
  • Have superb writing and proofreading skills
  • Be neutral in listening and reviewing and presenting

Why Phipps Court Reporting?

Phipps Reporting Milwaukee has over 2,000 court reporters in its network as well as 500

affiliated firms. Phipps offers premier legal services in the Milwaukee area. Our company has successfully performed with firms of all sizes and have been involved in highly-publicized trials. 

Our team selects and trains the best court stenographers in the industry. The Milwaukee court reporting staff ensures that the Phipps’ core values of trust and integrity are foremost in their final work product. 

The reporters we hire exemplify our corporate values. Our diverse and highly-educated staff of court reporters will meet all of your reporting and recording needs.

Phipps Milwaukee Office:

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