Web and Videoconferencing


Web conferencing, or cloud depositions, is the newest method of remote attendance. Phipps Reporting led the industry with this technology back in 2010. Web conferencing, unlike video, is connected through mobile internet devices instead of directly connected IP addresses. While mobile internet reliability has improved significantly, some locations have limited or challenging connectivity. This includes thick concrete walls (like in hospitals), dense buildings like in Chicago or NYC, or rural or mountainous areas.


  • Attend from anywhere with a computer, tablet, or phone
  • Present and interact with exhibits live
  • Host up to 100 attendees simultaneously


For the past couple decades, videoconferencing (VTC) has been the traditional method of connecting people from around the world. Come to a Phipps Reporting office, or a location we provide with stationary equipment, and connect directly to the internet through a dedicated IP address. VTC is the most reliable means of connecting people around the globe.


  • Attend from an office with VTC equipment
  • Most reliable
Is Web conferencing the same as Skype?

No, Phipps Reporting’s Web conferencing platform is not Skype. Our product is best suited for the legal industry and the sensitive matters we encounter. Our Web conference platform is SOC2 compliant, certified by TRUSTe for privacy, is an active participant of the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework, and enables HIPAA compliance. Skype is best used for personal conversations. A famous Skype security issue happened when the software was bombed live during the Zimmerman Trial.

Can I record the Web or video conference, or do I need a separate videographer?

If you intend to play the testimony at trial, you need a legal videographer in the same location as the witness. This ensures the witness has their own microphone, the videographer is monitoring the sound and lighting, and the witness stays seated forward within the frame of the shot. Videographers also create simultaneous backup recordings and can continue recording during a power outage.

Has Phipps Reporting used Web conferencing outside the United States?

Yes, Phipps Reporting has used Web conferencing in the United Kingdom, Brazil, Germany, Monaco, Hong Kong, Hungary, Qatar, and more.

Can we do a test run before the proceedings?

Absolutely! Email scheduling@phippsreporting.com and we will arrange a time convenient for you.

Do I need to notice a Web or video deposition in a certain way?

Yes, we recommend noticing Web and video depositions as follows: “Notice of Taking Web (or Video) Conference Deposition.”

Have you ever had a witness testify at trial live through Web conferencing?

Yes, we have had witnesses testify this way, including in a historic courthouse.

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