Is your data secure? Will your business processes be interrupted?  


Hurricane and power-outage season has arrived, and Phipps Reporting is prepared and protected. If an unexpected power outage does occur, your data is safe, confidential information is secure and your litigation support services will remain in force and uninterrupted. 

Phipps Reporting has just completed a six-month-long network redesign that has improved security and fault tolerance while ensuring business continuity in the event of a disaster.  We have relocated our key systems to a secure, off-site, purpose-built data center capable of withstanding most natural and man-made disasters, including Category 5 hurricanes.  

These facilities are monitored twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and are equipped with redundant power systems, redundant HVAC and environmental control systems, and are fed by multiple, diversely-routed fiber-optic internet facilities.        

Our IT team has also deployed a fiber-optic network backbone to many of our offices, ensuring the utmost in reliability, security, and data throughput.  We’ve upgraded a variety of systems throughout our enterprise including systems that allow our network management staff to proactively monitor the network from a single dashboard.  

With this enhanced monitoring capability, we can pre-emptively remedy issues before service interruptions occur. While we have always utilized rigorous testing protocols, our enhanced systems leave nothing to chance. 

The technology at work is complex, but the end goal is simple: our goal is for clients to enjoy smooth, uninterrupted videoconference quality, a reliable and secure connection to your case and client files and access to critical documents wherever and whenever you need them. Business continuity, even under circumstances that are not “business as usual.” 

Our commitment to our clients is not a fair-weather proposition. Throughout the year, and around the clock, we work hard to lead the way with cutting-edge solutions, forward-thinking services and procedures, and most importantly, partnership with the people behind the firms and businesses we support. 


Questions about our technology solutions? Reach out – we’re here to help.