Zoom Certification for Court Reporters

WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA: In July of 2020, Phipps Reporting recognized that the remote proceedings taking place ranged in degree of difficulty. They also noticed that platform features were changing rapidly. This is when they decided to take matters into their own hands by developing a certification process to ensure that their court reporters understood the platform and could properly host or assist in proceedings to ensure litigation moves forward.

During the next four months, the Phipps Reporting team focused on training their court reporters on all the features utilized in Zoom, aka webconferencing, during remote litigation proceedings.  In October of 2020 finally completed the hands-on testing of each one of their stenographers.  The court reporters were able to earn a basic, advanced, or expert certificate, and the advanced and expert certification awards badges that can be proudly displayed next to their name. Court reporters are now being provided the opportunity to retest to achieve a higher level of certification.

In 2017, Phipps Reporting, one of Inc. 5000’s fastest growing companies in America, hosted 85 webconference proceedings. Four months into 2020, they had booked more than 2,000 webconference proceedings. In November of 2020, they are now handling more than 2,000 webconference proceedings a month as law firms have pivoted to move their cases forward during the coronavirus pandemic via remote litigation.

“While we have a decade of experience in webconferencing, this massive legal industry conversion to remote litigation has resulted in a plethora of new conditions arising in proceedings,” said Christine Phipps, President and CEO of Phipps Reporting. “We felt we had a duty to ensure the competence of our court reporters to host proceedings and assist those that may be struggling in an effort to ensure that proceedings move forward as seamlessly as possible.”

Phipps Reporting also developed the Remote Litigation Academy located on www.phippsreporting.com to gather all information specifically related to remote litigation in order to help law firms pivot to this new technology. They have been conducting training sessions for law firms and/or their teams to help them learn how to use webconferencing. Starting in November, Phipps Reporting began releasing weekly Phipps’ Tips related to remote litigation, revealing the latest cutting-edge features like allowing witnesses to remotely annotate exhibits through Adobe to incorporating a foot pedal for objections.